How to Unclog a Tub

Pro Tips / How to unclog a common tub drain clog

Video Transcript:
Hey guys. Austin Taylor here with Dynamic Drains Plumbing and Drain Experts where the best customer is the educated one. A common service call we get is for bathtub drain clogs. A very common type of bathtub drain that clogs is this type. It’s very prone to it for whatever reason so I just wanted to show you guys real quick how these can easily be removed so you can check and see if that’s where the problem is.

First off, make sure it’s in the down position as though you’re going to be filling the tub up. You can grab this part right here, the knob, and unscrew it. Most of time it can be able to be done by hand if need be you can use a pair of pliers to grip onto it to make it a little easier to unscrew. Take your flat-head screwdriver, unscrew that little guy right there and remove it out. And if you do happen to have a clog its users gonna be caught up in the cross-hairs right here and you can either use a pair of pliers, a coat hanger, or a handy dandy little drain stick like this to remove other excess hair or whatever could be stopping it up. I hope that helps.

Austin Taylor with Dynamic Drains Plumbing and Drain Experts.

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