10 Common Causes of Leaking Pipes in Your Home!

A common reason why people call a plumber is to repair a leaky pipe.

Sometimes, finding the source of the leak is half the battle, as plumbing companies often find them originating in unexpected places or due to some surprising causes.

These are 10 common causes of leaking pipes that plumbing contractors encounter which every homeowner should know about.

With proper care and good observation, homeowners can prevent some leaks and detect others faster before they can cause significant damage throughout the house!

1. Corroding Pipes - Over time, all pipes can eventually corrode, causing cracks that leak regardless of the type of metal they are made from. When leaks start happening, an experienced plumber can track down its source and then examine the condition of the pipes, recommending replacement as necessary if corrosion has contributed to the problem.

2. Water Pressure Problems - Good water pressure is important to have, but when the water pressure gets too high, it can cause strain on the pipes. Plumbing companies sometimes see leaks occurring as a secondary problem when pipes shake, shudder, and clank within the walls due to excessive pressure within the plumbing system.

3. Clogged Pipes - The most common reason why plumbing contractors get called to a home is to resolve stubborn clogs that prevent the passage of water. What many may not realize is that clogs can also cause leaks in the pipes if they cause water pressure to increase, adding stress to other parts that may be damaged or failing already.

4. Decomposing Seals - Plumbing seals made from rubber, which are constantly exposed to water, will eventually fail. Often, all that is necessary for plumbers to repair a localized leak around a plumbing joint is for them to replace a rotting seal with a new one.

5. Damaged Connectors - Another common cause of leaks that can result in water damage if not quickly corrected is damaged connectors on water-using appliances. Machines like dishwashers and washing machines connect to the plumbing with flexible hoses that are clamped closed with metal connectors. When those connectors loosen up or become damaged in some way, leaks can happen.

6. Damaged Pipe Joints - Anywhere a pipe changes direction or connects to another pipe, there is a joint installed. Screw-together joints can leak if they become damaged in any way or loosen up. Plumbing companies look for things like stripped threads and cracks due to corrosion, water pressure, or other causes of damage when a leak originates from a pipe joint.

7. Loose Drain Assemblies - The drain assemblies that are set into the drain section of any sink, shower, or bathtub can loosen over time or become damaged simply from use. Also, the drain hole into which these assemblies are installed can be damaged through corrosion. In either case, when the assembly does not seal well against the drain hole, leaks are common.

8. Temperature Changes - Extreme hot-to-cold temperature changes or vice-versa can cause pipes to crack in response to the quick expansion or contraction of the metal pipe. Plumbing contractors often see this type of strain in wintertime when unprotected pipes are allowed to freeze, as frozen water that expands within the pipe can burst it.

9. Tree Roots - Another unexpected, yet surprisingly common cause of pipe leaks in underground water lines or sewer pipes is tree roots. Pipes that release vapors into the soil or are already leaking can attract tree root growth, causing roots to grow around and even through them. When noticing wet or soft spots in the yard that do not seem to dry up, a leaky pipe damaged by a tree root might be the cause.

10. Shifting Foundations - Foundation shifting can happen for many reasons. Plumbing companies often find that this movement can cause strain or damage to interior water pipes that result in leaks.

Call A Plumber For Pipe Leaks Caused By These Problems

There are countless reasons why plumbers get called to find and repair water leaks.

Although some of these problems can be significant, plumbing contractors do find that most leaks can be resolved with simpler repairs.

When noticing any of the above damage or symptoms, call a professional to search for the leak source and then make the right plumbing repair!

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