Shower Valves – How To Know When It Needs To Be Repaired!

Shower valves are a high-wear plumbing component that may require repair or replacement after some years.

Since they are integral to the functioning of the shower, plumbers recommend arranging for repairs as soon as problems are noticed.

How can a homeowner know it is time to seek shower valve repair?

Watch for these signs recognized by plumbing repair companies as indicators that a shower valve is not working properly and needs some attention!

1. A Shower Head That Leaks

A shower head that constantly leaks or drips is doing so due to a damaged shower valve.

Though the shower head looks separate from the valve, these two components are directly connected, with the valve controlling the flow of water to the shower head.

Plumbers see leaking as a main symptom that the seals in the valve are going bad or that there is a problem with the valve cartridge that controls the flow of water to the shower head.

Using replacement parts, a plumbing company can quickly repair the problem and stop the leaking.

2. Fluctuations In Water Pressure or Temperature

Today, most shower valves in residential homes are either pressure-balancing valves or thermostatic control valves, both of which control water pressure and temperature to keep it balanced.

Plumbing repair becomes necessary when homeowners start noticing unexpected cold or hot water blasts or the water pressure goes up and down.

In both cases, these symptoms indicate a problem with the valve that requires correcting.

Plumbers often find that when temperature or pressure fluctuations cannot be sourced to a failing water heater, they are likely caused by blockages in the shower valve or problems with the diverter or valve cartridge.

3. A Shower Knob That Won’t Turn

The most obvious indication that plumbing repair is needed to fix a malfunctioning shower valve is when the knob is harder to turn or will not turn at all.

This problem is a sign that the valve is either out of alignment, preventing it from functioning correctly, or something is broken.

It is usually caused by corrosion or some other type of damage to the valve mechanism.

4. Signs of General Wear and Tear

Years of constant use can affect a shower valve by diminishing its ability to function simply due to wear and tear.

Though general wear and tear might be a bit harder to notice, plumbing companies suggest that anytime shower valves start to become less responsive than they usually are or display intermittent leaks or fluctuations, they are probably experiencing wear.

Arranging for repairs or even a valve replacement before the problem worsens is highly recommended to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Call A Local Plumbing Company For Fast Shower Valve Repairs

Shower valves can wear out over time, requiring the attention of a plumbing company to repair or replace them.

Whether the issue is a gradually worsening leak from the shower head, binding knobs, or unexpected temperature fluctuations, plumbers highlight these as signs that the shower valve is damaged and needs repair or replacement.

Arrange for in-home plumbing repairs from a respected local plumbing contractor who will be happy to pay a visit and get the issue fixed to allow homeowners to continue their convenient showers without dealing with annoying problems!

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