Important Tips to Avoid Water Loss This Winter!

Wintertime is quickly approaching and as the temperatures start dipping below freezing, plumbers are getting those all-familiar calls from homeowners having problems.

Plumbing contractors see many calls from customers experiencing water loss for one reason or another during this time.

The easiest way for homeowners to avoid that emergency call to a plumbing company is to take some simple steps to protect their water supply against freezing and other cold-weather concerns!

1. Insulate Vulnerable Pipes

Burst uninsulated pipes are one of the more common reasons why homeowners need emergency plumbing services to make immediate repairs.

Exterior water pipes in unheated spaces should be protected with insulation if the pipes can be accessed to prevent freezing.

Plumbers also recommend turning off the water supply to faucets that exit the house and fully draining them so they remain empty throughout the winter.

Turn them back on in the springtime, when there is no longer a risk of nighttime freezes.

2. Winterize Outdoor Plumbing Systems

Any outdoor component that uses a water pump should be winterized to prevent pipe freezing and bursting which can result in leaks and water loss once things thaw.

Plumbers stress the importance of doing a proper shutdown and emptying of lawn sprinkler systems before the ground freezes, as broken sprinkler pipes are extremely common.

Additionally, pool pump systems should also be shut down and drained and for those who own RVs and motor homes, the plumbing systems in those vehicles should be winterized as well.

Refer to the instructions on all systems to correctly prepare them for winter to prevent pipe freezing and bursting.

3. Bring Hoses Inside

When garden hoses are left outside over the winter, they can become damaged even if they are not used for a while.

Plumbers find that the best and easiest protection for outside hoses of any kind is to extend them all the way out on an incline, allow them to drain fully, then roll them up and store them inside through the winter.

When stored through the off-season in a climate-controlled or freeze-protected area, expensive garden hoses and soakers will remain free of damage and ready to be used again come springtime.

4. Do A Whole House Leak Check

Finally, plumbing contractors recommend performing a whole house leak check before the freeze sets in so that any existing plumbing issues can be repaired.

Leaking pipes are highly vulnerable to becoming further damaged as time goes on, especially if the damage is in locations that could freeze and expand over the winter.

Professional plumbing companies can be called in to do a leak check if one is suspected or homeowners can do one on their own by installing leak sensors in critical locations.

Avoid Winter Plumbing Emergencies By Preparing Now

The worst news for some homeowners every winter is water loss and expensive plumbing services due to frozen or burst pipes.

Fortunately, plumbers find these problems easy to prevent with a little bit of winter home preparation.

Winterizing to protect pipes and plumbing components that could freeze is the easiest way to avoid cold-weather damage.

A local plumber who is experienced in helping homeowners prepare for the freeze can help!

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