How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing From Family Pets!

Pets are family members in every way, including the additional wear and tear they contribute to in the home.

In fact, residential plumbers often resolve plumbing problems that have resulted partly due to having pets in the house.

Avoiding these problems is as simple as observing these plumbing company tips on pet-proofing the home.

Check out some common plumbing issues from the eyes of experienced plumbing contractors and take steps to prevent them now!

1. Avoid Flushing Kitty Litter

Although some brands claim they are safe for flushing, plumbers stress that cat owners should avoid flushing kitty litter down the toilet and dispose of it in the trash instead.

So-called flushable cat litter products may be finer than other types, but the particles absorb water, increasing as much as 10x in size.

Plumbing companies often find flushable cat litter collecting in the sewer lines, contributing to serious blockages by combining with other material present.

2. Prevent Clogs When Bathing Pets

Plumbing services recommend taking a few steps to prevent hair and dirt blockages in the drain lines when bathing pets at home.

Always start off a bath with a good dry brushing first, to remove excess shedding hair.

If a pet comes in covered in mud, wash them off outside first to prevent clumps of dirt from flowing down into the drain.

Finally, plumbers recommend covering the drain in the tub or sink with a drain stopper that will catch all of the loosened hair flowing out of the pet’s coat during the bath.

The hairier the pet is and the thicker their coat, the more important these steps are for preventing drain blockages that can end up requiring a professional repair.

3. Keep Interior Pipes Inaccessible

As unlikely as it may seem, plumbing companies are called to resolve more than the expected number of plumbing disasters caused by damage to interior plumbing lines.

Most often, these result from pets chewing on accessible flexible water lines that connect appliances to the water supply, but larger pets can cause damage in other ways, too.

Fortunately, preventing these potential disasters is easy.

Cover all interior pipes and water supplies so they are inaccessible to animals.

Keep sink cabinet doors closed at all times and protect flexible water lines by hiding them so they are inaccessible or add a water line protector.

4. Do Not Let Dogs Dig In The Yard

On the off chance that they pick the right spot to do it in, plumbing contractors find that dogs that dig can unearth underground water lines extending from the house to the water supply or sewer.

Avoid leaving dogs that dig unattended in the yard and take steps to try to break them of this potentially dangerous habit.

5. Prevent Pets From Ingesting Cleaning Chemicals

While keeping kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well as plumbing components clean is not exactly a plumbing problem, the cleaning chemicals used to do so can be dangerous to pet health.

Keep pets safe and avoid accidental ingestion of toxic cleaners by keeping the toilet lid down to prevent toilet drinking and all cleaning products stored safely out of reach.

Avoid A Plumbing Services Call With Pet-Proof Plumbing

Pets never cease to be a source of amusement and love for us and sometimes, frustration, too.

To avoid unexpected pet plumbing issues, just spend a few minutes applying these plumber tips and protect pets and homes, collectively.

Avoid an emergency call to a plumbing service by stopping the pet-related damage before it starts!

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