How Can Plumbing Contractors Fix Your Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains are one of the most annoying problems that a typical homeowner might have to deal with over the years.

While most clogs tend to be minor and do not require calling a plumber, other times they can be more serious and stubborn.

In these cases, plumbing contractors can resolve serious clogs that do not respond to simple methods using one or more of the solutions listed below.

Drain Snakes

Generally, the first method that plumbers use to attempt to clear out a clogged pipe is a manual drain snake, which can dislodge minor clogs that are far enough out of reach to make plungers ineffective.

Should the simple snake fail to resolve the clogged drain, they may then use a more powerful motorized snake.

If the problem seems to be a collection of hair clogging shower or sink drains closer to the opening, there are special hair snakes that may be successful in removing those types of clogs, too.

Pipe Camera Inspections

When plumbing contractors are unable to resolve a clog using the simplest methods or are unsure about its makeup or positioning, they will frequently perform a pipe inspection with a pipe camera.

Pipe cameras, which are lowered into the drain on a cable, provide a real-time view of the inside of drainage pipes so it is possible to see what the blockage looks like as well as the condition of the insides of the pipes.

With an actual view of the problem, it is easier for plumbers to decide on the best way to resolve it.

For instance, local plumbing contractor Dynamic Drains will run a camera down the drain after the unclogging to confirm that the line is cleared and to see what might have caused the clog in the first place, a service to their customers that is included in the cost of trying to unclog a drain.

Drain Augers and Cables

For extreme pipe clogs, there are a few more powerful methods that plumbers can resort to, including drain augers and drain cable machines.

These work by drilling into the clog or by spinning a cutting or cleaning head in the pipe to break through whatever is blocking the pipe.

Though they do primarily the same thing, drain augers are generally used on wider drain pipes like toilet drains, while smaller drain cables can be used on smaller interior pipes within the house.

Hydro-Jet Clearing and Cleaning

Another clogged drain solution for more significant clogs or problems with sewer drain pipes is hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jet machines used by professional plumbing contractors use pressurized water to clear away clogs and clean the interior of drainage lines that are caked with scale and sludge.

They use a variety of nozzles that produce different water sprays, enabling plumbers to break up clogs and even cut through tree roots and then descale and clean with others.

Call A Plumber To Get Rid of Stubborn Clogged Drains

When typical home remedies like plungers or baking soda and vinegar do not resolve a clogged drain, a professional solution may be necessary.

Experienced plumbers can assess the blockage, then apply the best technique for getting a pipe unblocked and back in service.

A professional plumbing contractor can use multiple tools and methods to unclog any drain in the easiest and least invasive way!

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