When And How Should Old Plumbing Be Fixed?

As the years pass and homes get older, plumbers warn that homeowners should pay attention to the condition of their plumbing.

Plumbing services see the many problems in homes with older pipes as they deteriorate and start experiencing different plumbing issues.

Should old pipes be repaired or replaced?

This overview of how plumbing companies handle aging pipes should be helpful for homeowners with older homes who are experiencing plumbing issues or may be in the near future.

How Old Is Old In Reference To Home Plumbing?

Generally speaking, plumbing services find that any home over the age of 60 years and especially those that are much older than that are most likely to exhibit frequent or chronic problems with the pipes.

Plumbers see many homes of this age with their original pipes, which at this point are starting to deteriorate and cause plumbing issues.

However, plumbing companies also warn that there are certain types of pipes that were commonly used as recently as the 1970s to the 1990s that are already beginning to fail for many homeowners, causing frequent plumbing issues.

What Types of Pipes Are In The House?

Although copper, brass, and steel may last as long as 100 years and durable PVC will typically last 40 to 50 years, homeowners should consider both the age of their homes and the type and condition of their pipes when deciding whether they can repair their pipes or they need to replace all of their plumbing.

Experiencing an occasional plumbing problem does not necessarily warrant homeowners contracting a plumbing service to remove and replace all of their pipes.

When problems continue and the pipes are known to be older for their specific materials, the choice to replace them might be more valid.

Homes that have old lead pipes should most definitely have all the plumbing replaced, as lead has been found to cause numerous health concerns.

Also, homes with polybutylene pipes used in the 70s, 80s, and 90s should also have the plumbing replaced if problems arise.

When Should Old Pipes Be Replaced?

When the decision is made to bring in a plumbing company to replace the pipes, whether due to chronic plumbing issues or some other reason, choosing the right time to do it is important.

A convenient time to get into a plumbing replacement project is when other home remodeling is going on.

Plumbers also recommend replacing pipes when there have been multiple repairs made and problems still persist or if there are lead pipes present.

Pipe replacements might also be recommended when there are chronic water pressure issues or drainage issues found to be caused by pipes in poor condition, if there is chronic dampness in the house, or if there are frequent signs of water damage on the walls.

Consult With A Plumbing Company About Old Pipes

Hiring a plumbing company to replace old and outdated pipes is a big job, but it is something that all homeowners should consider under the right circumstances.

When plumbing problems start happening more frequently and home plumbing pipes are older, having plumbers replace the pipes can end up being a more cost-effective solution than repeatedly paying for repairs.

When in doubt, homeowners should arrange for a plumbing service to inspect their pipes and determine their type as well as age and make a recommendation about whether repairs or replacement should be done.

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