Prevent Plumbing Nightmares With These Sound Maintenance Tips!

Plumbing emergencies are annoying at best and inconvenient as well as expensive at their worst.

Plumbers get called all the time to make unexpected and costly repairs, many of which could have been prevented.

Fortunately, avoiding calls to a plumbing company is easy when homeowners provide good maintenance to their plumbing.

Use these tips to reduce plumbing nightmares and the need for professional plumbing services by keeping water and drain lines in good condition!

1. Know What The Pipes Are Made Of

Residential plumbing can be made from different materials, all of which age differently.

Repair and unclogging techniques recommended by plumbers, as well as plumbing life expectancy, will differ depending on the makeup of the pipes.

Know what to expect and when it might be necessary to replace parts of the plumbing due to age, based on the type of plumbing that is installed. 

2. Know What Not To Let Down The Drain

A majority of the calls that plumbing services get are related to clogged drains and sewer pipes.

The easiest way to prevent this problem in any drain line is to avoid allowing things that cause those blockages down the drain.

Do not let hair, grease, excessive amounts of toilet paper, feminine products, or other items go down the drain.

Also, avoid sending so-called flushable wipes down the drain, as these do not tend to degrade as they are claimed to; also, do not put food down the drain unless it has been properly ground up in a disposal.

3. Avoid Using Chemicals To Resolve Blockages

Chemical clog removers poured down the drain can do more damage than good when used to unblock a pipe.

Instead, plumbing companies recommend using a plunger, scalding hot water, or vinegar and baking soda to try to unclog a drain.

If those remedies fail, a professional unclogging using a drain snake or hydro-jet may be necessary.

4. Wrap Pipes Before A Freeze

Freezing pipes that crack and create leaks is another issue that can usually be prevented.

Plumbers suggest wrapping exposed outdoor pipes before a freeze, turning off the valve to that water line, and opening the spigot.

Interior exposed water lines should be insulated and the faucets left to drip slowly to keep the line from freezing if this could be an issue.

5. Check For Leaks Regularly

Sometimes, a need for substantial plumbing services arises after a minor issue goes unnoticed for a long time.

Prevent major repairs by checking for leaks throughout the house regularly and looking for other signs of damage.

Inspect all plumbing fixtures, appliances, and the water heater for signs of leaks, rusting, or other problems.

6. Know Where All The Shutoffs Are

Prevent serious damage when a leak or broken fixture happens by knowing where to turn off each water line.

Plumbers also recommend learning where the main water shutoff is, should it become impossible to turn off a broken pipe or valve somewhere else.

7. Call A Plumber To Help

When plumbing problems arise, call a plumbing company to do a professional repair rather than attempting a DIY fix.

When the basic home solutions for resolving clogged drains or tightening leaky pipes fail, rely on an experienced plumber to make the right repair without causing further damage.

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way To Avoid A Plumbing Call

Preventing a need for plumbing services is easy when homeowners practice a bit of plumbing home maintenance.

Yet when emergencies do occur, a professional plumbing company has the best solution for the problem!

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