Plumbing Services – Looking at Advancements in Technology!

Like most other industries, the plumbing services industry continues to change over time as better technology and improved solutions are developed for common plumbing problems.

Today’s plumbers have newer products available to them that can provide safer, more durable, and increasingly earth-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to their customers.

Here are just a few of the latest technological advancements that plumbing companies can offer to their customers who are in need of new plumbing components or are looking to make improvements to their current plumbing systems.

1. Safer, Stronger, More Durable Plumbing Materials

PEX piping, a type of plastic tubing used for plumbing lines, is becoming the more popular choice of plumbing services over copper tubing for a variety of reasons.

Most notably, it is much less expensive than copper, making PEX a favorite of both plumbing companies and their many customers.

Additionally, it is more flexible with natural insulation in the plastic, so cracking and bursting if frozen is less likely to happen.

PEX can withstand higher temperatures and higher pressure as well, making it ideal for most common plumbing uses.

2. Low Flow Bathrooms

Conserving water has always been essential and when facing a drought as is happening today, one way that plumbers can help their customers conserve water is by installing low-flow bathroom fixtures.

From low-flow toilets that flush less water down the drain to faucets and shower heads that use less water, each of these ideas can considerably reduce home water usage.

With an average daily usage of 75-80 gallons of water, these fixtures can help to save the planet and a homeowner’s wallet at the same time.

3. Sensor Automation and Smart Technology

Convenient and clean sensor-activated faucets and toilets have been in use commercially for years.

Now plumbing services have the ability to install these fixtures into the home as well, with the availability of domestic sensor-activated plumbing fixtures.

These and other “smart” fixtures are useful for keeping spaces cleaner, providing no-touch functionality, and even monitoring water use.

Plumbers can now even install smart fixtures like water heaters and showers that can be temperature-adjusted using smartphone apps.

4. Tankless Water Heaters

A newer type of water heater available from local plumbing companies is adding to the energy-saving options available to homeowners.

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than traditional ones as they heat water quickly on an as-needed basis rather than keeping a tank full of water hot all of the time.

5. Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

One more advancement in plumbing services technology that has made it to the home is trenchless sewer line replacement.

In one single effort, a bursting head is snaked through the old pipe to break it up as it travels through it, which is then followed by a new seamless HDPE pipe - all without having to dig up any ground other than the beginning and end of where the problem exists with the sewer pipe.

Interested In These Great New Plumbing Ideas?

As homeowners continue to adopt new ways to run cost-effective, clean, and environmentally-friendly homes, these and other advancements in plumbing technology can help.

Homeowners can contact a local plumbing company to discuss the best ways to improve the plumbing in their households by installing one or more of these helpful and efficient products.

From greater convenience to water recycling and less water use, these new plumbing advancements are great solutions for any home!

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