How Will I Know That My Water Heater Is Failing?

One of the most common calls that plumbing companies receive from homeowners is those concerning water heater problems.

Water heaters do not last forever and plumbers usually end up replacing them when homeowners find themselves suddenly with no hot water, usually at the worst possible times.

Avoid being caught by surprise by watching for the signs that a water heater is failing.

A call to a plumbing contractor before it quits altogether can mean a quick replacement without a disruption in hot water service.

1. Cloudy or Smelly Water

When the water coming through the tap is cloudy, tinged red, or has a foul smell or metallic taste, plumbers find this to be a preliminary symptom that the water heater could be experiencing problems.

That change in the water quality is usually due to either sediment in the bottom of the tank coming through the system or evidence that the water heater piping is clogged with mineral deposits.

Plumbing companies see this problem frequently in older water heaters that have been in use for many years.

While a filter or replacing the anode in the tank may provide a temporary solution, mineral deposits, rust, or other sediments in the water heater pipes usually mean the unit should be replaced.

2. Tapping, Knocking, or Popping Sounds

Strange noises emanating from the water heater usually mean there are either tears in the water heater tank lining or there is a layer of sediment in the bottom.

In either case, air bubbles can form in the sediment or between the tank and the liner as the water inside the tank is heated, essentially boiling the water in the tank.

Plumbing contractors can sometimes resolve the problem by emptying the tank, then cleaning and repairing it if they are called soon enough.

3. Temperature Fluctuations

When a water heater is producing hot water but the temperature fluctuates from very hot to not hot enough, this suggests there could be a thermostat problem.

This is a common issue that affects these appliances.

Fortunately, plumbers can replace the thermostat in many cases to get the unit back to producing plenty of hot water at just the right temperature.

4. No or Not Enough Hot Water

Hot water that runs out much faster than it usually does or no hot water at all is the most common sign plumbing companies see that a water heater has failed or is about to.

This problem can be caused by a large amount of sediment in the tank or a problem with the thermostat.

The usual solution at this point is to replace the water heater.

5. Leaking

Water heaters can start to leak when they experience corrosion.

The most common places to see leaks are on the bottom or around the pressure relief valves.

Valve and pipe problems can sometimes be repaired by skilled plumbers, but in more severe cases where the tank water is leaking out, replacement is usually the best option.

Contact A Plumber When Noticing Signs of Water Heater Failure

Water heaters are essential appliances that unfortunately have limited service lives.

Plumbing contractors stress that when problems like leaks, strange sounds, temperature problems, or no hot water at all arise, repairs or replacement may be necessary.

To avoid a total water heater failure and improve the possibility that repairs can be made, contact a plumbing company when issues first make themselves known!

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