How to Recognize a True Plumbing Emergency!

Plumbing problems can be annoying at best and plumbing emergencies that require immediate intervention at their worst.

While it is important to get repairs made as soon as possible, recognizing a need for true emergency plumbing repairs is important, both for the homeowner and the plumbing contractor.

Learn here how to recognize issues that need immediate plumbing solutions with an emergency visit from a contractor and which are less pressing and can wait until the next day.

1. A Critical Plumbing Component Is Not Working

Knowing when to make a call for emergency plumbing services is a matter of weighing the severity of the problem and how it will affect the home and its residents.

A clogged bathroom sink is likely not an emergency, but a broken water heater or a burst pipe might be.

Gauge the severity of the issue and whether it is possible to make do until a plumber can fit time in their schedule to make a repair.

If not, a call for emergency plumbing repairs should be made so a plumbing service can send someone as quickly as possible.

2. The Water Cannot Be Turned Off

When a pipe, fixture, or appliance breaks, turning off the water at a shut-off valve on that water line is the first thing to do so that repairs can be arranged.

These valves are typically under sinks, behind toilets, and behind other appliances.

Emergency plumbing services might be necessary if the right valve cannot be found, the valve is broken, or the problem is further up in the plumbing.

If possible, turn off the main water valve while waiting for help if it becomes impossible to stop the flow of water through the damaged fixture or pipe.

3. Immediate Repair Is Needed To Prevent More Damage

Another instance when an issue might be considered an emergency plumbing problem is if delaying repairs will result in more damage.

A water leak that cannot be stopped or will cause floor or ceiling damage if it is not repaired quickly might also require emergency plumbing repair to prevent that damage.

Efforts should be made to contain leaking water, but when those fail, the help of a professional is needed sooner rather than later.

4. A Health Risk Is Created

Should a plumbing problem cause some kind of health risk, an immediate repair is necessary.

Seek an emergency plumbing solution in situations that result in no available water during the hot summer months, sewer lines backing up into the house, or other necessary plumbing unable to be used.

If no health risk is created and no damage is being done, scheduling a next-day plumbing call should be sufficient.

Seek Emergency Plumbing Repairs With Bigger Problems

Issues like persistent leaks, slow drains, and other chronic plumbing concerns should be dealt with promptly, but rarely constitute an emergency plumbing concern.

Conversely,& emergency plumbing solutions become necessary when the problem causes a health risk in the home or results in ongoing damage the longer it remains active.

Contact a local contractor offering emergency plumbing repairs for these true emergencies to get sudden plumbing concerns safely under control.

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