Advances in Technology – What Is The Future of Plumbing?

Plumbing has been around for thousands of years and within that time, not a lot has changed, at least not within the basic concept of it.

Still, there are aspects of the industry that are advancing, providing plumbing contractors and their customers with more advanced technology as the industry seeks better and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

As the technology used by plumbing companies improves over the years, these are the most recent ideas that are appreciating broader acceptance as their use is gaining ground.

1. Smart Plumbing Fixtures

Having been available for a number of years, plumbers are installing more smart fixtures each year as they have become preferred options for many home and building owners.

From touchless, sensor-activated faucets and auto-flushing toilets with warming seats to smart shower heads that can be controlled via phone apps or even voice activation, advanced plumbing technology has much to offer in convenience and cleanliness.

2. Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Plumbing technology has come a long way in the last decade regarding water heaters.

Today, plumbing companies have access to tankless water heaters that are just as reliable and powerful as the traditional tank style, but without the energy waste and potential for home water damage that comes with them.

Tankless heaters installed by plumbing contractors whether run via electricity or solar panels are a great energy-saving option, eliminating the need for a gas connection and heating water with much less electricity.

3. Low-Flow Fixtures

Water has become a precious commodity, resulting in a great push to advance plumbing technology in ways that can conserve it.

One such method that plumbers frequently recommend is low-flow fixtures that reduce water use.

Low-flushing toilets are designed to achieve the same effect while using half the amount of water.

Similarly, low-flow and sensor-activated faucets installed in homes and buildings significantly reduce the amount of water that flows down the drain unnecessarily.

Low-flow showerheads are yet another option.

4. Greywater Recycling Systems

In addition to the above, plumbing companies can now install greywater recycling systems that reuse shower water before it ends up in the sewer or drain field.

Greywater recycling diverts water from the shower drain so it can be used again to water gardens as well as lawns and flush toilets rather than wasting it.

Septic companies are working together with plumbers installing these systems as greywater recycling systems involve septic systems that need to be installed by those specialists.

5. Improvements In Plumbing Materials

Another way in which the plumbing industry is advancing is through the use of better materials.

Most significantly, plumbing contractors are utilizing PEX piping more often, as it is both durable and inexpensive in comparison to other pipes.

Although copper is still the industry's best, it is extremely expensive and may be damaged due to weather extremes.

PEX, a type of polyethylene plastic, is stronger and more flexible, making it a highly durable yet affordable plumbing option.

Advancing Plumbing Technology Focused On Sustainability

Recent advances in the plumbing industry have focused on durability, lower cost, and most importantly, water conservation.

With sustainability at the top of the list, the newer products available to plumbing companies aim to reduce water consumption while also making plumbing more convenient.

Speak to a local plumbing contractor today about making any of these improvements to a residence or commercial building!

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