Hydro Jetting

When it comes to Sewer and Drain problems, we are the experts!

Quality plumbing can’t be found in a bottle or at the end of a bendable “snake” thing. Quality comes from experienced plumbers who have the right tools for the job. We offer the latest technology for providing sewer cleaning and video inspections for maintaining your drain system.

Hydro jetting is the best way, and sometimes the only way, to rid your sewer system of deep clogs and obstructions from invading roots. The process consists of blasting high-pressure water through your pipes so it will clear the main obstruction as well as anything else that has accumulated in your plumbing system.

What is hydro-jetting? Simply put, it is a pressure washer for the inside of the drain. It safely and effectively cleans all 360° of the inner walls of the drain with water flowing through specialty hoses and nozzles designed for just this process. A common concern is that a hydro-jetter may damage an old pipe or a PVC pipe. Though the hydro-jetter uses upwards of 3500 psi at the working end, it is spraying the water through focused jets at an angle that scrapes the walls as opposed to aimed at 90° towards it. It is actually closer to a 15-20° angle. What about old cast iron pipe? Older cast iron pipe develops a layer of scale on the inside that can catch paper and waste. A hydro-jetter can remove that scale effectively. It does not blow holes in the pipe but with cast iron, it can expose existing holes that have been covered by scale so we always play it safe when hydro-jetting cast iron and make sure to use a camera during descaling so that we can monitor the process.

A great reason for using a hydro-jetter is if a line has heavy grease build-up. Cold, high pressure water will break up hardened grease and soap deposits very well and turn them into small bits that will float on down the line and leave the line looking new. A traditional sewer cable machine that rotates at 200-250 rpm can not clean nearly as effectively as a hydro-jetter as it will leave much of the build-up on the walls. We can also use our sewer camera simultaneously as we hydro-jet so we are not wasting time cleaning areas that do not need it. We have videos demonstrating this on our YouTube channel: Dynamic Drains Plumbing and Drain Experts.

Once the job is done, we’ll run a camera down your pipe to show you that you are once again free and clear of inconvenient and potentially destructive clogs.

Call today and trust your drains to Dynamic Drains Plumbing and Drain Experts who have the skill and equipment to completely clean your drain.

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