Should I Really Get A Home Water Filtration System?

Water filtration systems are popular with many homeowners considering the water quality issues being faced today in many areas.

Among the different types of systems that are available, home water filtration systems can be highly effective.

They are also expensive, leaving many wondering if they are worth the investment.

Considering that home filtration systems are for much more than just filtering drinking water, read about the benefits here and why investing in one can be beneficial in many ways.

1. Safe and Clean Water Throughout The Entire Home

Whole house water filtration systems that are installed into the water main provide clean filtered water to the entire house through one simple filtration unit.

From the kitchen and bathroom faucets to the showers and outdoor spigots, all water flowing through a home water filtration system is free of contamination as well as a long list of contaminants like chlorine, lead, iron, minerals, and many toxins that can affect health.

2. Promotes Overall Good Health

Beyond the obvious benefit of water filtration systems making home water safer to drink, it promotes health by eliminating harmful substances from bathing and cleaning water as well.

Skin and hair absorption of these contaminants can result in dry skin and hair as well as contribute to other health issues.

Those who can bathe and wash their clothing in water cleaned by a home water filtration system will experience softer skin, softer as well as shinier hair, and avoid absorbing contaminant chemicals into their bodies.

3. Removes Odors and Bad Taste

Countertop and faucet filters may be able to remove bacteria and some minerals and toxins from drinking water, but they have limited effectiveness in comparison to whole-home systems.

Home water filtration systems are effective enough to produce clean-tasting water without foul smells as they filter out all materials responsible for them.

4. Longer Appliance and Plumbing Life With Fewer Repairs

Natural minerals in the water as well as debris like rust and other particles will create over time a scale coating on the insides of plumbing pipes and inside the workings of water-using appliances.

Hard water is one of the more common causes of plumbing problems, clogged appliances, and corrosion that cause a need for an appliance or plumbing repair plus shorten the lifespan of expensive appliances altogether.

Water filtration systems eliminate these issues, helping homeowners to get a full life from their appliances and experience fewer plumbing problems.

5. Reduced Plastic and Water Waste

Whole home water filtration systems not only eliminate the need to purchase bottled water which contributes to the high amount of plastic waste that communities must deal with, but they reduce water wastage as well.

With no need to let the water run to clear out debris, they provide clean water at the turn of the tap.

6. Easy to Maintain

Sink-installed water filtration systems are economical at first, but after installing multiples of them in a home, it is critical to remember to change the filters as indicated so they keep working.

It is much easier to simply change one single filter cartridge in a whole home system on an infrequent basis than it is to figure out which single filters should be replaced when and then actually remember to do it on time!

7. Overall Cost Savings

Considering all of these points, from eliminating the need to purchase water and preventing a need for appliance and plumbing repairs to providing clean filtered water for consumption and washing, house water filtration systems do save money over their lifetimes.

Home Water Filtration Systems - A Great Investment

Though they may be more expensive in comparison to the less costly faucet or countertop filters, home water filtration systems are much more effective and provide many advantages.

A home with free-flowing, chemical and contaminant-free water from anywhere in the house is more convenient and creates a healthier environment for years to come!

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