Help – My Toilet Is Clogged – What Can I Do?

Clogged toilets are one of the most annoying, yet inevitable problems that any homeowner will periodically deal with.

Fortunately, most can be relieved at home without the need for calling for toilet repair; however, there are times when a professional might be necessary.

Below find a few tips on DIY toilet clog clearing that anyone can try at home before calling in the plumbing contractors for a professional solution!

4 Great Ways to Handle Toilet Clogs Beyond the Plunger

The first tool that most people reach for when dealing with clogged toilets is a plunger, as those will clear up the problem in most cases.

Yet the big question that many people dealing with especially stubborn clogs end up asking is when is the time to call a plumber or are there other things they can do?

Before calling for professional toilet repair, here are five lesser-known ways that toilet clogs can be cleared:

  1. Wire Clothes Hanger - When softening or dissolving the problem does not relieve a toilet clog, the next step is to resort to a mechanical solution like a wire clothes hanger straightened out and used to work the blockage through. Cover the end of the metal with a piece of cloth or duct tape to avoid scratching the porcelain.
  2. Toilet Snake - Toilet snakes similar to what a plumber might use can be purchased inexpensively at most home supply stores. A snake can provide greater pressure for pushing a tough clog through than a wire hanger can.
  3. Wet/Dry Vac - Using a wet/dry vacuum made for suctioning water and other dirty messes, suction the water out of the bowl first, then try to suction the clog out. Create an air seal around the vacuum nozzle with a rag so there is more suction.
  4. More Ideas - Here us a great YouTube that will give you some great ideas on how to unclog a toilet without a plun;ger!

When Is It Time To Call A Plumbing Contractor?

Naturally, most people dealing with clogged toilets would prefer to avoid the call for having a professional come out to do it; however, that may not be avoidable if the above techniques do not work.

When a plunger and these other safe DIY methods fail to yield that satisfying suction sound of the toilet flushing, it is time to make a call for toilet repair from a professional.

Though they might try one or more of the same techniques themselves to start out, plumbers also have access to better clog-clearing equipment that will take care of the problem and have any toilet flushing properly in minutes.

Do Try DIY But Call A Plumber When Necessary

A clogged toilet is a frustrating issue that nobody wants to deal with, especially when the plunger does not work.

Thankfully, there are a few other ways that people can try to DIY their own toilet repair and clear the clog themselves.

When those techniques don’t work, calling a local plumber is then the best option.

Skilled plumbing contractors will clear challenging clogs without causing damage to the toilet or connecting sewer lines with the snap of a finger.

Rather than attempting other DIY ideas that could potentially damage the plumbing, make that phone call to get fast, affordable help from a reputable local plumbing contractor!

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