The Importance of Community Involvement and Charity Work

Why We Do It

In order for a small business to be successful, it needs customers from the community in which it serves. Part of serving that community of customers is to give back in charitable ways once the business is flush and can afford it. In my opinion, a company must budget for giving back or else it is only taking from the community and not showing gratitude. In my mind, part of the responsibility of having a for-profit business is to give back to the community from which it profits. This can be in the form of sponsorships for local little league teams or school fundraisers, sponsoring events, or donating time and items to nonprofits. In my mind, what is the point of starting a company if not to improve your life and the lives of those around you?

Donating an auction item to a fundraiser for the high school sports program: A brand new toilet installed and a few bottles of local whiskey and wine.

Every community survives because of the citizens doing their part in helping to ensure its success and growth. A community is made up of individuals from all walks of life and from all financial backgrounds. We often think of a company as some inanimate thing as opposed to what it truly is, individuals. Those individuals bring their own ideas, personalities, and personal history to a company and it is precisely those things that make a company culture. The owner is the leader and the leader leads by example. One big part of why I started a company was so that I could give back in a way I could not as an employee. Many charities are made up of retirees because more often than not, they are the ones who have the time and financial means to do so. The only issue with that is that as we age, we are not as capable of the grunt work that is oftentimes needed with a charity. I wanted to be able to give back while I still had my health and continue to do so in my golden years. A successful small business typically has the means to give back and do its part to help keep the community thriving.

Making some needed repairs at the Brenham Elks Lodge for their pool and for the kitchen. The Elks Lodge does so much.

The act of giving back does not always have to be a financial one. It can be done by donating time. One great thing about getting out of the field and no longer being on the tools is that it freed me up to do more of the marketing and work on the growth of the company. Another benefit is that it allowed me to donate much more of my time to charities that I believe in. I get so much more fulfillment out of an evening helping with a fundraiser dinner than spending an evening at a dinner party or watching a game. I do enjoy those things but they mean more when they are balanced with charity work or fundraisers.

Serving at the local Elks Friday night Steak Dinner with other local business owners.

Our Mission

Customer appreciation day for 5 years in business.

Part of our mission at Dynamic Drains Plumbing & Drain Experts is to give back as much as possible and be an active member in making the community better. I hope to never stop doing that and always work on ways to do more.

A box of delicious chocolates we give out to our best customers.

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